B. albopilosum
He's mature for sure looking at those pedipalps. It's up to you what you want to do with him, if you plan to breed him it's extremely time consuming and cost quite a bit of space and money, so think about it cautiously (Note: It takes almost 5 hours to feed all the slings for me when I bred mine). If you don't want to breed him then make sure he has constant access to water and feed him whenever he will eat or you can sell him.
@Liquifin oh man, I really wished I had more time with this boy with lot's of attitude. :(
No, I can't really get into breeding, I do have the time but not the money. I really would love for him to get a mate thou with someone knowledgeable and get some of his offsprings.
Since you know more about this species, know anyone or yourself that would want a male?
@xEdiaraX You can post him on the intertsonals section on this forums (for breeding) or you can sell him off on this forum on the for sale/buy section as well.

As for me, I'm not needing this species males right now, since I already have one that still alive that I bred with my female. So I'm fine right now.
Even though he's mature, with consistent care he could live up to another 2-3 years as long as he keeps eating. Just make sure you keep his water dish full. A lot of people will add a second water dish. You don't have to breed him if you'd rather enjoy his twilight years in your care.

If you're intent on breeding him, another option would be instead of sending him off to find a mature female to purchase yourself! Mature female B. albopilosum aren't going to cost you an arm and a leg and probably arent too hard to find if you know where to look. :)
@Arachnophoric thank you for your suggestions. I also just rehomed him to a larger nicer enclosure. Always have lot's of water and I offer him food every week like I do all my critters. Hopefully he is with me 2-3 more years.
If I ever have the chance to get him a lady, of course I would not say no, it's what nature intended them to. I don't think I have the nerves to breed him myself. Would be very devastated and guilty if the female ate him, which I know can happen too.
We will see.
Again thank you! :)

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