B. Albopilosum
B Albopilosum. This is Jelly. I'm having a hard time figuring out what sex he/she is. Any input would be appreciated!! Thanks :)
Then pic is not that clear, but this looks male. You are aware that Jelly is a terrestrial tarantula and falls from high up are life threateningly dangerous for him? Does he have a hide?
Yes, I know. He does have a hide. I just moved him to this new enclosure and he went up the glass so I snapped a pic and then gently coaxed him down and showed him where his new hide is. He's a happy camper now. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. I've been thinking male, happy either way, just wanted to see if anyone else was thinking male also. :)
@GhostHost Put some more substrate in :). These walls look really high and all tarantulas climb at some point, preferably in the night when you don't watch them. If he falls he can rupture his abdomen and then he's dead.
I wasn't fished setting everything up when I snapped the pic. I was making him a buried hide...so I showed him where it was, then continued to build up the substrate around and over the hide. There's more than enough in there now. He's not a very big spider and I think the angle I took the pic makes it look taller than it is. Anyway, just saying, I wasn't finished when I took this...no worries...I promise, He's safe and happy and healthy. :)
First glance I thought male, but now I’m second guessing. A clearer or closer pic would help

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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