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B albopilosum approx 4" - any ideas
shop thought female , she/he is now very upset with me for putting in a cup to take pics lol
@VanessaS She's soooo leggy right now but was told she just molted a couple weeks ago .. where can I read about the white hairs ? This forum is the only place I've seen that and it's interesting, is there a purpose for the contrasting hairs ?
@mjzheng Not that I know of. The easiest way to get more accustomed to the differences between species and sexes is to look through the photos. Different species, at different sizes, are going to look different... same with spermathecae. It's just a practice thing to be able to spot which is which.
@VanessaS that makes sense! I feel better now that the store and you guys say female , still will be a little antsy til I can confirm with a molt but yay . She's feisty lol
Yep, looks pretty darn girly to me.

Normal for them to look leggy after molting, male or female, and is no indication of sex besides mature males, but it's different from post-molt legginess.
@mjzheng It is smart for you to question whether pet shop sexing is correct... because it often isn't. And, while it is easy to ventral sex this specific individual due to her size, ventral sexing is not 100% accurate and no ethical seller will use it to sex their stock. Ethical sellers will only use moult sexing, or, without a moult, they will sell them as unsexed.
Selling females, or 'suspect' females, based on ventral shots, or taking someone else's word for it without confirming yourself, is problematic and not ethical business practice.
@VanessaS I agree with all you said !! I tried to lurk here before any purchases

I got her at a Small hobby store here , family owned, exotics only, huge variety of feeders - all the Ts currently sold unsexed but he had picked this gal up and told me about 80% likely female, no promises. I just wanted to make sure I comment this in case I ever mention the store on the boards , they were honest and told me only molt will confirm fully :)

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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