B. Albiceps
I'm surprised, it's a male B. albiceps that I haven't seen in sooooo loong. I thought male B. albiceps were becoming non-existent.
@cold blood yes sir. Should have took a pic but i was mad you were right lol

Well hopefully he can be a papa sometime soon and give me a grand baby female albiceps. Why are the males so hard to find? Youre not the first to say that.
@PelesAsher I have a friend locally that would love to use him...he would give the female to me to pair.....we had it all planned out, then my male had a bad molt:(

So lemme know when he matures.
@PelesAsher Males of some species are just hard to come by. While it is 50/50 on whether people get males or females. You almost never see males for some species such as the B. emilia and B. albiceps. I've seen sooo many females and almost no males for such a long time. I personally think some males are just worth more than females in terms of breeding. You should be way happier with your B. albiceps being a male, because offers are going to come for it non-stop by breeders.
@cold blood I will let you know, I'm still waiting on my N. incei to molt out also. I would love to be part of a breeding project. I think it would be awhile before any of that could happen of course but I'm always around and will keep in touch.
@Liquifin thank you for the information. I wonder if the males just have a harder time maturing out like cold bloods male.

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