B Albiceps M/F [2/2]
@SuetheBlue Raise him up like you would a female. I'm sure this species has very long lived males. Then when he matures, you could always sell him off or loan him to someone with a female. :)
@SuetheBlue a male is mature when he has his ultimate molt - the last molt he'll have in his life. When this occurs, there will be noticeable changes in him - generally leggier than before, likely show drab colors or a color change of some kind. All male Ts develop emboli, located on the end of their pedipalps. Most species also get tibial hooks, but not all. I believe B. albiceps does get them.

If you look up "emboli" and "tibial hooks", you'll see what i'm talking about. Hard to miss if you know what you're looking for. :)
B. albiceps are heinously slow growing so you'll probably still get a few years out of him once he hooks out if you decide to keep him

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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