I bought this little guy at my local petsmart (i only went in for crickets, and the local family owned pet store was out so i didn't have much of a choice)
He was simply labeled as a pink-toe (no s***) but thats literally all they had identified him/her as. Can anyone help me identify?
I am surprised they even knew the common name. Very rarely do pet stores get anything besides A. Avicularia’s. M1’s so my guess that is what it is.
i have a similar looking T, labeled as a. avic, but with the genus revision, it’s hard to know unless u know it’s original locality. if it has “metallic” white tipped setae on whole body, and dark blue/green carapace, it’s prob a morph 6 from guyana. the reddish abdomen seems to separate the guyana formerly “a. metallica”, from the kwitara locality. so prob a. avic is as accurate as u can be w/o knowing the area it originated in. could b a lil mutt, there’s been some irresponsible labeling/breeding of avics. but maybe someone else knows for sure!
@BolusMe So it probably isn't suggested to breed this little girl, correct? I could upload better pictures of her to make sure, the reason I wanted to I.D. is because was planning on buying her a boyfriend, and I would really not like to do that if she is a mutt like you say.
After looking at pictures of A. Metallica, I dont think it looks as similar as it does to A. Avic so that makes me more hopeful.
I agree it is likely Avicularia avicularia m#1 It's also likely wild caught and from Guyana because that country is still the main exporter of Avicularia avicularia... Hobby "metallica" (now known as Avicularia avicularia m#6) & the common Avicularia avicularia m#1 share habitats in Guyana so many shipments have both morphotypes included. They are brought in by the hundreds-thousands for pennies by reptile suppliers then sold to everyone's local pet store.
Well she is a happy pet hole and I'm glad we finally have an I.D. on her. Thanks guys!
@MysteryT Ya, my lil mutt-avic is likely a Guyana morph#6 but I'm going to wait on breeding until there's some clarification on the genus, cuz right now A. metallica is "nomun obscurum" so they doubt it's a separate species. Best bet, would be to wait for full adult coloration, and then try an ID again, maybe there'll be new info! We're in the same boat tho, mine is my favorite of my 8 tarantula's :) And I'd love to have a few hundred little versions of her...
Avicularia metallica
is *"nomen dubium"* because the description is old and vague and the type material is lost. This means no one (the hobby never did) knows exactly what Avicularia metallica is until the lost type material to compare is located... which let's be real, that ain't happening. What we do know is that what we had in the hobby as "metallica" is Avicularia avicularia m#6. Now, If future work concludes they are a separate species and not an Avicularia avicularia morphotype through DNA, they will get a new name, as they can't use the "metallica" label or go back to it... Also, a future revision is likely far from near but even if it came out tomorrow you'll still be just as uncertain as you are today. So if you are waiting for more clarification before you breed, I bet you'll never breed her, unfortunately. :bookworm:

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