avicularia ?
Picked this female up from a buddy deploying from Wright Patterson AFB. But it looks a little different than my MM Avicularia avicularia. I’m thinking this girl might be an Avicularia metallica. Not sure so want y’all to take look and see. She just seems to have a more metallic sheen to her.
This a temporary enclosure, her Zilla Arboreal enclosure gets delivered from Amazon some time this week.
Not A.avic. You have A. avic morphotype 6, formerly known as metallica. The give away is the fiber optic sete, white tips, and the white, dorso-lateral setae on the abdomen, A avics would have red, among other Avic species that also have red in that region.
@viper69 so is it considered just a morphotype of Avicularia avicularia and not a separate species now? The Avicularia genus has so many similar looking species. She a good looking T though. Too bad she the metallica sp. I have a mature male Avicularia avicularia that needs a lady.
@MikeofBorg yes metallica is a morphotype for now. I think DNA analysis will reveal it’s a separate species along with some others. But we will have to wait. Don’t breed it with something else like a normal A avic
@viper69 that’s why I was double checking. Getting old sucks with your close vision going. All good though, I see the eye doc this Wednesday. I’m sure I need an increase of my bifocals.

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