avicularia ?

avicularia ?

is this spider a. metallica, a. avicularia, a. geroldi or a. velutina?
please help me
Definitely not an urticans, they have tons of pink setae and are much less blue. I wouldn't guess metallica either. At first glance I would say a. geroldi, it looks too bright blue to be the common a. avicularia. whatever it is, pretty spider.
Looks like a plain old Avicularia avicularia to me. Mine looks bright blue like that when I take a picture of him too because of the flash. In normal room lighting he looks black. This looks like a classic pink toe to me.
Definately not an A. versi. If your A. versi looks like this, it's not an A. versicolor. I'm going to have to agree with those who said A. avic.

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