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Avicularia versicolor - 1.5"

Same individual as the other photo... I thought this might be a better shot.

Avicularia versicolor - 1.5"
Vanessa, Nov 24, 2016
    • Venom1080
      im going male, maybe it will be more obvious in a molt or two.
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    • Vanessa
      @Venom1080 That sucks because I don't want to start all over again with 1/2" spiderlings. This is one of two that I bought and one died. I just don't want to start over again and risk another one dying.
      I'm just going to keep my eye out for larger ones.
    • 14pokies
      Looks male to me also.. Hey on the bright side without males there would be no slings :).. Do a breeding loan and you may end up with 50+ little fuzzy blue versi's!
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    • Venom1080
      @VanessaS i know what you mean, they grow pretty slow. tangledinwebs had a af a few months back at the CRBE, but for 300...
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    • 14pokies
      @Venom1080. Wow kind of makes me want to sell my massive female.. Lol.. I'm not finding that mine are growing slow at all.. About a year ago I bought a 2 incher now she is 5+inches.. I have two that I picked up maybe three months ago and both were second instar they have both molted 2x and are about an inch.. My temps are high though damn near constant 80 and I feed ALOT slings every other day and my big females appetite exploded after her last molt she ate about 50-60 crickets in two months and molted again a week ago.. She drives me crazy though she won't touch roaches super worms or house geckos only crix :banghead:
    • Venom1080
      @14pokies well, thats stupid CDN prices for you... im actually probably just being picky, theyre slow compared to Psalmo and Tappies. but quick compared to a lot of terrestrials. my versi i picked up almost 7 months ago at 1/2" has grown about 1".
    • Vanessa
      This one has grown pretty quickly. My problem is that I am new to avics and they are just too much for me as spiderlings. They never want to eat, they worry me to hell and back, and one of my two died.
      I am picking up two metallica from TarCan in December, but the only reason I ordered them was because they are 3/4".
      I'm giving up on avic spiderlings. I will just have to save up for larger individuals.
    • 14pokies
      @Venom1080. Yea very true as far as growth rates.. I picked up two 2nd Instar P.irminia at the same time as the versi's and they are both close to two inches now! Same feeding schedule and temps they just grow like monsters! I also picked up a C.fimbriatus that day and it is closer in size to the versi slings.. Psalmos just grow like weeds! I'm still really surprised your versi is growing that slow though. That's like molasses slow lol!
    • Venom1080
      @VanessaS i agree, the only slings to really get me to worry. my first A versi sling died and i gave them up for a few years, now i know their care and feel confident with them. always lots of help on the boards. :)
      ps i was tempted by those metallica as well, but since theyre "cf.", i didnt want to be possibly mixing up species if i breed them.
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    • Venom1080
      @14pokies Psalmo are my fav to buy as slings, they hit juvi size in months, i dont mind waiting a little bit. hey, at least my versis in premolt again, maybe a molt by Christmas if im lucky. :meh:
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