Avicularia spec.
Got it as Avicularia spec. But i would like to know what Avicularia it is ... (i uploaded 2 Avi spec. but these are 2 different spiders!)

Spider 2
Is there a list of the morph type ?

And just for interesst ... what would happen if you try to pair a morph #1 with a morph #2 or 3 or what ever there is ? :)
I can't seem to find the link to the chart I used to use, so this is the best I can find. There's pics at the bottom of the page, with a bit of additional descriptions. I also believe @CEC is extremely knowledgeable with Avic morphs, so perhaps they will be of some help

While the different morphs would breed without creating a hybrid (since they're technically the same species), it's highly advised against because it muddies the gene pool and detriments the hobby. The different morphs are from different regions and have different characteristics, so mixing them makes it harder to identify a true morph from a mixed morph.
Hard to say in this pic. ID'ing Avics by a picture is really not the brightest idea generally speaking. The abdomen is hidden from view, that's not helpful at all.
If you don't know what it is, don't breed it.

@PidderPeets Re: hybrid... we don't technically know this. The last revision was only done using cladistics, there was no genetic data. So while morphotype 6 for example MIGHT be the same species, it very well could be different.
Thats why i asked - breeding different color forms of the same snake (p. regius as an example) seem to be normal so i wasjust wondering if this would be possible because it is "just" a color form.
@viper69 You're right, I shouldn't have made that statement. I said that based on the fact that they're currently considered the same species. I should've taken into consideration that they could still be due another revision. However, I stated that they shouldn't be crossbred, and I think that was the most important part

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