Avicularia sp.

Avicularia sp.

What sub species of Avicularia is this? I have been told both A. avicularia and A. metallica. Can anyone help? Thanks
Not sure how old she is but she is approx. 3 1/2 inches. She's not over fed because she eats only one or two crickets a week and I have to feed her leftovers to my B. smithi. She doesn't seem to have a big appetite. Maybe its the angle the photo was taken that makes her abdomen look over fed.
How can you tell its too young ? I dont see anything in the picture that says what age or anything that you can compare how big it is. It is hard to tell from the picture if it is A avic or A metallica maybe a different angle will help.
It is super fat so either upcoming molt or gravid. I have seen reports of avics being bred smaller than 3 inches so it is always a possibility.
A.avic definitely. . .i have one. . .well until tomorrow. . .am selling it for want of a diff T cos i find it to be very boring. . .more of a pet rock than the 2 chile rose i have in my collection lol

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