Avicularia sp. ?

Avicularia sp. ?

I got this female in a trade as a WC Avicularia avicularia.
I noticed that she has a lot of red and yellow.
Is she a different species?
Thanks in advance,
Thanks man for the ID, now that I check up on that species, she really fits the bill for a braunshauseni.
Anybody else have an opinion?
Thanks for the info. She is only about 4" right now, I can't wait until she molts and grows to a giant size!
UH OH!!! if yours is a goliath pink toe then i feel really gutted as ive agreed to sell mine which is 4" for a measly price of £20 british pounds as i thought it was an A.avic n mine is EXACTLY the same. .. .am truly gutted now as she is really woth a lot more if she is a giant pinktoe

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