Avicularia sp.

Avicularia sp.

i was sold this as A. ulrichea but now that is considered nomen dubium so i'm hoping an avic expert can help ID this or at least point me in the right direction. I have a few more pictures i will upload but it might take a couple minutes...

Are those blue, like the versicolor, as slings? this one has been the same general color scheme as it is now since i got her as a 1-1.5" sling.
Maybe. If there are multiple color forms or the leg banding turns yellow near/at adult hood but they are pink right now. I don't have enough experience with any species to know when the different colors change/show up... :confused:

Also if it helps she is in a nice pokie stance at the top of her enclosure right now so i can get more pictures if there are any helpful features. i just need to know what to shoot and how close to get.:snaphappy:
Avicularia juruensis morphotype #1 variants:
Hobby ulrichea, aurantiaca, sp. Pucallpa and sometimes under the urticans label...
(Leg setae green to brownish gold in color with thinner long setae giving a 'shaggy' appearance)

Avicularia juruensis morphotype #2 variants:
Hobby sp. Peru Purple (Iquitos), urticans and huriana...
(Leg setae purple to greenish-brown with thicker white tipped setae giving a very 'grizzled' appearance)

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