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Avicularia sp.?
Richard Stewart

Avicularia sp.?

This T was bought/rescued from a local pet store with only the label "Pink Toe". Im sure it is an Avic, but unsure of the species as it doesnt really resemble any of the avic (or used to be avic) species I have currently. I have had one person suggest it was an Avic sp Blue. Any help welcome.
A. metallica would be my guess. @viper69 is the one to give you an accurate answer if possible, avics can be hard to identify off pics alone.
Try snapping a pic with the flash. The white tips on the setae are kinda making me think A. metallica. Could be wrong, but it is definitely Avicularia
A. metallica was how I orginally had him labeled, but after this last molt there was a significant blueish green color to his carapace and the two other A. metallicas (captive bred bought from reliable dealers) I have do not have such a coloration.
He is back hiding in his web tunnel but when he reemerges I will snap a photo with the flash and post to see it that helps with identification at all.
First of all: Avicularia metallica isn't a thing anymore and even if the species would not be considered a nomen dubium, it is doubtful, that all "A. metallica" traded are in fact the same species.

Further: Most Avicularia sp. are hard to distinguish even for experienced taxonomists, when they have material to examine. So forget about identifying an Avicularia sp. just by a bunch of pictures. You can maybe narrow it down to 3-4 species but that's definetely the closest you can get.
There's no way to ID what Pink Toe you have. They are incredibly difficult to ID, and only a HANDFUL, I can think of 3) can be ID'd from a single picture. This is not one of them. It's certainly beautiful though.

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Tarantula Identification
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