Avicularia purpurea Sub-Adult Female - ~4"
can't keep up with avic whereabouts... this same as sp. purple? same as sp. purple peru / peru purple?
@u bada No, Avicularia purpurea and Avicularia sp. Peru Purple are different. The sp. Peru Purple looks more like an Avicularia avicularia, with the reddish setae on the abdomen, but has a purple highlight to them. It is more obvious at some angles than at others. I believe that they are also a larger species - closer to Avicularia avicularia in size, with females reaching 5"+ in some cases.
Avicularia purpurea is all over dark purple and looks almost black in some lighting conditions. I used the flash to take this photo, but looking directly at her, in normal indoor lighting, she looks jet black.
I also have Avicularia sp. Colombia, to make matters even more confusing, which I believe is now being considered a variant of Avicularia purpurea from a different location. Avicularia purpurea and Avicularia sp. Colombia look different, though. The females of sp. Colombia have very distinct markings on their abdomens. Both Avicularia purpurea and Avicularia sp. Colombia are smaller species and an adult female will top out at around the 4" mark.
You can see my sp. Colombia female here...
@Ungoliant yeah my problem too, arboreal enclosures are just not so easily stackable or quite fit onto shelves as easily lol I have my hands full with my two avics now they're maturing and still have this irminia sling to think about oy... @VanessaS thanks so much for the info! both the A purpurea and sp columbia are stunning, it's always this question of how to make more room!
@u bada @Ungoliant I hear ya - I’m very short on space and I still have three arboreal species who are spiderlings. I do have four mature male arboreals, though. And one very senior Avicularia avicularia girl who is winding down. With males having such short lifespans, I try to stagger my arboreal species to save space.
If I had unlimited space I would definitely fill it to the rafters with Avicularia. I adore them.

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