Avicularia juruensis M1
Ok so my wife really wants one of these, but a lot of different looking Ts pop up when you try searching for one. Some of them look nothing like this. Some do look like this but go by different names (urticans, rufa, sp Aurantiaca). How can I be sure of getting a sling that will look like this one at maturity? Because I agree with her - this is easily one of the prettiest Ts I've ever seen.
@wingedcoatl glad you like it. You simply have to buy spiders labelled Avicularia juruensis morphotype 1. These are what was known as Avicularia cf. aurantiaca before the revision and all the morphotype changes.

There are two localities of aurantiaca. The cf. aurantiaca, like this one likely is, and the aurantiaca. Not to be bred with one another though. aurantiaca has brighter gold bands on the first two pairs of legs.

There is another juruensis morphotype known simply as "juruensis morphotype 2". That is NOT the gold aurantiaca. That is what was previously sold as urticans and sp Peru purple. Gorgeous spiders in their own right. But are deep purple and yellow. Not gold/green/brown like M1.

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