Avicularia ID
Picked this one up at a local Pet Store as a Pinktoe for 15 bucks does anyone know the what type it is?
A avicularia. There's six morphotypes of the species. Wait for it to grow some more. It's very likely M1 from Guyana. Maybe M6. Also from Guyana. Known as metallica. Guyana is the main place pet stores get their Avicularia from
@cold blood I wish they kept that patten. That patten is why I like Chilobrachys so much, plus they are feisty.

It is very healthy for a pet store T. Most pet stores in my area are not good places to buy T’s from. Except one and they only deal directly from reputable breeders in our area that sell their slings in bulk. Labeled correctly (most of the time) and they finally have a new spider guy there.
Is that a Cyriopagopus schioedtei? So pretty.

I really want a P. Rufus because it has all the things I love the most in a T. Cool patten on the abdomen, little stripes on the legs, brownish red fur everywhere, a bit of an attitude, and makes me drool when I see them.
@Drea Do you mean just fimbriatus? What other Chilobrachys has abdominal pattern?

@Venom1080 There's one more than six morphotypes of Avicularia avicularia. :bookworm:
@mosesobe Yes, all morphotypes look the same at that size. Best to wait at least untill subadult colors. Even then, some can be tricky but with an educated guess on appearance and excessive probability is goin to be the best answer you'll ever get without locality or background. When males mature, again... it can be difficult telling difference between morphotypes, better off with penultimate male comparisons, especially in pics. We can narrow it down with odds tho, the overwhelming majority of pet shop "pink toes" are the two variants of Avicularia avicularia from Guyana and typically wild caught. My guess, even more likely to be WC when store isn't known to carry slings. ;)

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