Avicularia Fasciculata

Avicularia Fasciculata

Don't know if this is what I think it is :)
Any ideas?
Yea, I know. It was taken by a microscope and this spider is a sling...very little. I made a nother picture and marked the spot...
Yeah I thought that may of been spermathecae but wasn't sure due to the shot. I agree with you that its female. How tiny of slings are those?
Ammm... It's a scope that you plug in the PC. The picture is not so good as you can see, but it's enought for tarantula sexing. I bought it for 50$. :D
It's avicularia diversipes now. It's neat that you can use a microscope but it's way to blurry to make out what needs to be seen. Good luck with those Avics, they're tough to raise

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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