Avicularia enclosure feedback

Avicularia enclosure feedback

can i get any feedback on my new enclosure for my pink toe? will my pink toe survive and thrive in this I do not want it to die
I hate to say this, but the way you're keeping it right now will probably kill it in no time.

Forget about the humidity! Remove the cover you've got there over the mesh lid ASAP. Stuffy conditions are the number 1 killer of Avics. And yours looks extremely humid with basically no airflow.

The enclosure isn't suitable for an Avic in itself, because it doesn't allow proper ventilation throughout the enclosure.

They need predominantly dry conditions with loads of cross ventilation.

Also, you don't need the hide on the ground.

Read up on Avic care here: http://arachnoboards.com/threads/tarantula-information-for-beginners-and-more.318718/

Change the enclosure and the whole setup and then make a new thread on the appropriate forum to gain more help and advice.
@Thekla is exactly correct. Do not overthink Avics. I keep the sub slightly moist by overflowing the water dish every couple of weeks. Cross ventilation is the key. Scrap the temp and humidity guage. Get rid of the hide. Uncover the top mesh. For any T, if you are comfortable in your home with a t-shirt on then your T is just fine in regards to temperature.
I have mine in a Mainstays one gallon container from Walmart with lots of airhole going all the way around. I have about a inch or two of substrate with moss thrown in on top. Cork bark leaned against one corner and a water dish. About once a week I will lightly mist the enclosure.
These are fairly hardy but won't tolerate stale wet air, they need plenty of ventilation.
You can't have to many air holes I've found. If you have too many and you can't maintain any humidity, just put a piece of tape over some of the holes. Better to error on the dry side as long as you always keep a water dish of fresh water available.
I agree, cross ventilation is key with avics. Now versicolor is the most fragile, but all avics benefit from good ventilation. A screen top is fine for them. I don't see much ventilation in your enclosure. You don't mention what species or how big it is.
@Thekla I had over thinked the Avicularia, I did a month of research I guess most of it was trash, I just wanna do the right thing thank you, now that I removed the plastic on top can i keep my pink toe in it until I get a new enclosure?
The enclosure itself is fine. Moisten the substrate once in a while, make sure it has access to a water dish, and mist the glass once a week in case it wants to drink from the droplets. I usually wet the substrate at least once a month.
@Lorgakor @Angelo303 Sorry, but I have to disagree. These kinds of enclosures only allow airflow in the top part of the enclosure, and especially when you keep moistening the substrate the air (at least in the bottom part) will become stagnant nonetheless. It might work if the enclosure is kept completely dry throughout, but I wouldn't risk it. Especially as a beginner, I'd opt for an enclosure with proper cross-ventilation, and this is only achieved by holes on the sides as well. Or with an Exo Terra enclosure that allows the air moving because of the chimney effect.

I also wouldn't moisten the substrate with a juvenile (with a sling it's debatable), they are fine with bone dry substrate. I raised all my Avics and their relatives on bone dry substrate from tiny slings with no problems whatsoever. You can spritz some water directly on their web or to the sides once a week for drinking purposes but never mist the whole enclosure.

This discussion should be on the forum not in the gallery, so more people can see it.

@Angelo303 Personally, I wouldn't keep it in there, it looks way too moist for my liking. You could get a tall sterilite container and make holes with a soldering iron all around the sides and on the top. @cold blood has a nice simple and cheap setup that works.
@Thekla if this was a versicolor I would agree with you. Avic. avic are much more hardy. They are better for beginners. The screen top has enough ventilation for this species, and moistening the substrate once a month isn't enough to raise the humidity to dangerous levels.

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