Avicularia avicularia

Avicularia avicularia

Decided to have a bath
What's the humidity in there ? If it's too low, it could explain the fact she's taking a bath, otherwise, she just like water.. ^^
@Otteresting I would say humidity is on the low side with good ventilation. I’ll keep an eye on her and will see.. I may start spraying a corner of her web occasionally.
@Mjb30 My GBB spended the whole day in her water dish while she's supposed to be an arrid specie. But I was just wondering since avics needs good humidity. Old old is she ? I've planned to get one after the winter, their colors.. So stunning when they're adults
@Otteresting From what I’ve read on here Avics do not require high humidity; like described in this thread. She’s a juvenile but I've only got her recently so don't know the age.
Did it molt recently? I have had many Ts go for a swim but never has the water stuck to them as their exoskeleton is water repellent... I had one Avicularia molt into this though, looking just like that... missing abdominal setae and had wet appearance pretty much untill it molted again.

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