Avicularia avicularia sexing help please.

Avicularia avicularia sexing help please.

Please Help me sex my Avicularia avicularia. Thank you in advance.
Would appreciate some help sexing it. Was hoping it's first molt would let me sex it, but it shredded the abdomen so bad I was unable see the furrow at all.

Also it put a small twist in one of it's feet when it molted. It molted in an odd spot hanging from the top of the screen over it's web. When it had only that leg left it's weight brought it down to web with that leg still in the molt. Its only a small little curve to the foot. I'm assuming it should fix itself it's next molt? The leg is fully functional and the claw still retracts in and out fine.
@MikeofBorg No problem. If I was interested in breeding my girl, I'd say send him my way when he matures, but I don't quite think that's something I'm up for trying yet. Lol. There's plenty of people on here though that would probably be interested
@PidderPeets I also have a sub adult Aphonopelma seemanni, but it is a pet hole right now. It sealed its burrow up this past weekend; pretty sure it is pre molt. I can see it in the burrow since it made it right next to the glass. Its just hanging out and grooming. Oh and I found out the hard way it lines all around its burrow entrance with urticating hairs. I fiddled with some of the debris outside the entrance and my hand itched all day afterward. LOL
@MikeofBorg Sounds like what my seemanni did a few weeks before she molted. Hopefully you'll have a fresh, pretty spider soon. But yeah, now you know why people suggest using tongs for any interaction on your tarantula enclosure. Lol
@boina Really? I think it looks very different from my confirmed female. I could honestly be wrong though. Kezy's expertise should help though.
Hopefully it won’t destroy the abdomen molting next time so I can get a good look at the sex. I’m happy with it being either sex. It’s such a gentle T.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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