Avic species/morphotype?

Avic species/morphotype?

I know it's nearly impossible to identify Avics through pictures but does anyone have a suggestion to what species/morphotype this is? It was sold as A. versicolor, which I explained to them, is now Caribena versicolor.
... Thanks!
100% not C. versicolor, it could be because my coffee hasn't kicked in yet but it also looks like a mature male, can you get a pic of the underside of the pedipalps or look at them and tell me if there are little bulb-like things on the end of them?
@The Grym Reaper I'll have to take some better pics in the morning. Definitely not a mature male though, at least not yet anyways. I was thinking A. avicularia but there aren't any reddish hairs anywhere (unless it's just dull and ready to molt).
Also, it seemed to be pretty dehydrated. As soon as I got the enclosure set up I came back to a T, head first in the water dish lol.
Wow, that's a really HUGE spider if it's climbing up those French doors as it looks like. Have you ever seen that movie Tarantula from the 50s?
Looks like a Avicularia avicularia morphotype #6.
(Aka hobby "metallica")
This morphotype is quite common here cuz they are wild caught and imported from Guyana by reptile suppliers and then sold to pet stores all over the US.
Morphotype #1 (common Avicularia avicularia) are also mixed into these imports as they share habitats.
PS. If the color is throwing you a bit realize these start to fade in color through out their molt cycle, they will brown when getting closer to a molt. Also it's a female.
I agree with @CEC , assuming the flash hasn't washed out the colors too much, all the white, and lack of other colors I'd expect in other Avics white tipped setae, leads me to say morphotype 6.

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