Avic. Avic m6 WC #1
This is my larger of the 2 I currently have. Finally let me snap a great pic!!
@docwade87 This is a size where I have yet to find something that is as easy/convenient as a deli cup. Sizes above this, you can find something like an ExoTerra Nano, but at this size..I don't like what is out there. I have four that are going to approach this size soon....
@viper69 glad to hear you have this issue as well. Not sure what to do honestly. Keep stopping in stores to see if I come across something I like and can convert.
@docwade87 Same here. I should be more clear, there are containers out there for these, but the ones I've encountered are either too pricey (I'm cheap when it comes to temporary containers) or require too much modding. Gets tired after a while of always doing it.
What makes you think this is metallica/m#6? Just curious cuz I'm not seeing the correct setae structure for metallica/m#6. If from Guyana it has the setae structure of m#1. Those two morphotypes share habitats in Guyana and are often mixed up.

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