Australian Tarantula [1/2]
Jason La Porta

Australian Tarantula [1/2]

Hey I got this today, was just wondering if anyone could give me an id, was told it’s a Selenotypus Possiably was just wondering if this correct and what SP it might be? Also if male or female! Any help would be great
This is a selenotholus species, black abdomen and that colour of carapace is a dead giveaway.
If your ever interested in breeding you need to know the locality as the reproductive organs can differ from sub species to sub species, know one can give you an exact locality without examining the reproductive organs with a microscope.
Great looking T btw.
@Rhino1 I thought Selenotypus sp., since legs 5-8 are alot fluffier. Might just be a trick of the light but I find that light patch in the middle of the carapace interesting too
Yeah man, I thought the light was just illuminating those hairs. Any chance of another pic
Here's my Selenotypus Wallace for comparison, a little sleeker legged but there are so many various forms with different levels of fluff etc, so it's hard to say which one yours would be without locale knowledge as @Rhino1 mentioned

Selenotholus should have the same amount of hair on all legs instead of a greater concentration on the back 4
@Jason La Porta if you like, just upload some more to the gallery like you did for this one and we can look at them. But at least from my opinion, I'd say you got a correctly labelled Selenotypus species, and a gorgeous one at that

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