Atrax Robustus sling
Last night I noticed something really odd. This A Robustus sling seems to have dropped a leg and is in the process of growing a new one?! The white dots in between her chelicerae, on her carapace and abdomen are also very alarming. I managed to dust one off and it moves! Mites or spring tails?
@Oompoofishy mites. Unfortunately they are extremely common in wild funnelwebs, and there's not much you can do. They don't seem to particularly effect the spider at all though.

How big is this one? In my personal opinion, anything bigger than 15mm is too big to be a sling lol, and Robustus aren't the largest funnels around. I'm honestly the biggest nit-picker (or should it be mite-picker in this case?)

That tiny leg is absolutely hilarious. A few molts should fix it up fine
@RezonantVoid Aww man! I'm not too sure if they were WC or not. Luckily that's the case, I was super worried because I heard that some mites actually do real damage to spiders. They were sold as slings but I reckon they are definitely bigger than 15mm. The tiny leg freaked me out! I thought it was a parasite:rofl:
@Arachnid Addicted all 35 odd funnelweb species have the potential for medical significance, with a handful of others having some lab testing done. If you like, I'll start a conversation with you and we can have an in depth discussion on the matter ;)

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