Arbanitis sp. Orange butt.

Arbanitis sp. Orange butt.

Collected this absolutely gorgeous specimen of a arbinitis away from my local area. The shot, through plastic, does not do her justice.
@MrGhostMantis, not too venomous and this girl, at least, not very defensive. Having a reasonable set of choppers, a bite would likely hurt, and, as for anything that carries venom reactions could vary from local pain, up to an allergic reaction or systemic anaphylaxis.
@RezonantVoid, I've dropped her home on the way to school pick up. I'll get back to you on the measurements. She was in an area with what looked like, and was the right locale, for Arbanitis rapax. Abdomen brown on top, beautifully patterned, and a gorgeous orange on the bottom.
@Dave1969 you never know, Ive found 3 different Arbanitis in the same area before and I didn't think Rapax was particularly patterned (then again, Ive only seen photos of A.Rapax and not examined one in person). Regardless of what she is, patterned Arbanitis sp. are always a pleasant sight for sore eyes
Could Be Rapax but she also looked different to other one we found as well & dave Need to emasure but we are guessing 6-7 cm leg span

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