Apistogramma cacatuoides flaring black fins

Apistogramma cacatuoides flaring black fins

I have no idea why his fins turn black when he flares.
Dwarf cichlids are the bee's knees imho, I would like to get some electric blue or Bolivian rams breeding pairs again but my wife banned me from keeping fish as I tend to get out of hand with things.
There's some really neat Apisto set ups and images on Pinterest.
Good luck with them, they are awesome fish and interesting to watch
@Rhino1 you see that’s the problem with these guys. You can never have one. I myself suffer from multi tank syndrome and I can never walk out of a pet store with something new.
Lol yes, last time I filled the garage with tank racks and was raising fry in large childrens wading pools on the back patio. Seriously addictive not to mention these dudes have that big cichlid personality in a compact size.
@Rhino1 I want to try that especially with my betta spawns during warmer weather. Plus all the extra fry means less mosquitos and also make feesung easier once you have a bunch if copepods, nematodes, and daphnia growing.
It's a decent difference in growth rates I think, maybe due to having such a large surface area of oxygen helps things along, good fun

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