Aphonopelma seemanni?
I was told she is a female Aphonopelma Seemanni but she ain’t black like all the other ones I have seen ?
That's a rough looking A. seemanni (can't tell if female from this angle) in one of the worst setups I've ever seen. You've put an obligate burrower who needs lots of moist substrate in a dry arboreal enclosure. It doesn't get more contrary to the spider's needs than that.

A. seemanni are black or blue-ish when freshly molted and turn brown late in the molting cycle.
Where does it say A. seemanni is supposed to be black? o_O

A. seemanni (and yes, that's what she is) is neither black (apart from when freshly moulted as @boina said) nor arboreal. So, why do you keep her in an arboreal enclosure??? :eek:
That enclosure is wrong on so many levels I wouldn't even know where to start...:confused:

Please, make a thread here, post pictures and ask for advice on how to keep your T properly.
Well I just picked her up yesterday after work just how she is and n the home she came with trust me I know it’s all wrong but like I said I just got off work came home went to bed I will be definitely changing up her home and how do you think she should be set up ?
Going to add a lot more substrate and make her home a lot more moist and that’s only thing I was thinking any help ?
That's normal, when they are fresh molted they tend to look more black or if the light hits them right.
I'm just going to quick comment that it looks like you don't have much substrate in the enclosure. Aphonopelma seemanni tends to be a deep burrower, if you can you should try adding in more substrate to give her the option to burrow. It will make for a happier and healthier tarantula.
Forsure I will definitely do that thanks for not tossing me under the buss I’m new to the hobby so will take any advice I can get thanks buddy
@KyletheTman She will need a completely new enclosure! Those Exo Terras aren't suitable for terrestrial Ts, let alone an obligate burrower like yours.

You'll get more help if you post a new thread on the forum like I told you.
I'd really get a new enclosure (any tub will do) because what you really need is plenty (= several inches) of moist (not wet!!) substrate. Honestly, she doesn't look in good shape, so more moisture (in the ground, not in the air!!!) seems rather urgent. If you leave to much space to the top a heavy tarantula may climb and fall, and they don't deal well with falls and may even die.

Get an arboreal spider for this enclosure.
I just did that lol I put my Avicularia in the exo and I put the Seemanni in a tub full of substrate about 3 inches from the top she has about 7inches of substrate to burrow thanks for the help guys

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