Aphonopelma seemanni Sub-Adult Female, Holly

Aphonopelma seemanni Sub-Adult Female, Holly

This girl is still not 100% okay. She has all of her full legs, as of the last moult, but still has trouble using the two that were badly damaged. She is in a smaller enclosure than I would normally have her in, because she has trouble catching food. I hope she continues to improve.
@Arachnophoric Actually, she looks fine in this photo, but she does have problems moving around. She still lists on the side of the damage. She acts strangely too. Sort of like a really mild DKS thing - she throws up a leg here and there, but nothing really serious. She isn't growing very much between moults, but she now has all her legs and they are all, at least, second generation. It's been a real struggle with her, but she keeps getting better... which gives me hope. :)
@VanessaS We always note them as so fragile, but it's amazing how much damage these little creatures can take. I sure hope within the next molt or two she can make a complete recovery, but who knows? She may always have a side she favors. What exactly happened to her, a bad molt?
@Arachnophoric I'm guessing a bad moult. She came to me with her two back legs on one side completely lame. She couldn't use them at all. Then, she started moulting upright the first moult with me, probably because she couldn't push herself over. She lost a leg and still had damage. Second moult, she regenerated the one full leg and lost the tarsus and metatarsus on another. Third moult she regenerated the partial loss. The last time she moulted, everything looks completely back to normal. She has a bit more strength in the damaged legs, but not as much as I hoped. When she tries to move quickly, which this species tends to do, she often ends up flipping over and laying like a flipped turtle. She can't right herself. It frustrates me. That is why I have her in a too small enclosure.

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