Aphonopelma seemanni Or?
Albino Characterantula

Aphonopelma seemanni Or?

Hey guys! Bought this as a stripe knee but someone mentioned it looked extremely light in color? Not sure when it last molted but I’ve had it for 2 weeks now. Just want to clear up any misidentification if there is any
A. seemani usually go from dark grey (almost black) to light brown depending on where they are in their molt cycle. That's very unique looking. Are the spinnerets and the underside of it at least somewhat orange (or tan), or is it entirely greyscale?
@PidderPeets hey thanks for the input. The spinnerets are tan, yes. Which is the same color as the vaguely visible stripes on the legs.

Wish I could post more pics on here but I can’t from my phone for some reason
@Albino Characterantula If the spinnerets are tan, then it should be an A. seemani. It does look a little rough around the edges (either because it's older or because the handling of it before you got it was rough), so that might be part of why it looks so off.

Also, when it comes to identification, what @KezyGLA says is basically law, so if he says it's a seemani, it's a seemani

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