Aphonopelma seemanni male or female? Rescue
Found this little furball in the middle of a flea market in awful condition. For $10 it was more than a steal.

To me it seems like a male just because abdomen seems small and it’s wandering constantly. But I’d like to be wrong as well.

Thanks for any help
Not convinced that this is male based on this photo and description. Could you get a clearer/closer photo?
@KezyGLA what looks suspicious? I will try getting a better image today. This T loves wandering around his cage. Never seen a T be so stubborn. If I put a fake plant by his hide, he kicks it away--anywhere I put it, it begins to fight it lmao. ALSO, he seems to be on a mission to dig his own burrow, literally intersecting it from one side. Anyway, with all this said: he is frickin hard to get a picture of with the belly showing.
@Albino Characterantula I mean, I wouldnt guess gender based on activity or abdomen size. Plus the shape and features of the epi plate look like female seemanni to me, as males Of this size have fairly narrow space between the book lungs and also a pretty noticable light spot/area at the fussilae.

It’s a pretty active species and will dig an impressive burrow if has enough sub.

How long have you had it?
@KezyGLA yeah, I know going based of abdomen size and activity is not a good method for sexing but I put that info in there JUST in case it helped.

I've had it since Saturday, so about 4 days now. Looks to be about 3.5-4" in leg span, saw the poor thing in literally awful conditions with a fat sponge in the tank and 1/2" of sub surrounded by screaming kids and other animals. I couldn't leave the poor thing there for another day <3
@Albino Characterantula I am pretty sure you have a female. Though another photo would be more accurate. I am still about 90% sure.

The wandering is just cause it needs time to adapt to new environment.

I am glad you have given it a much more adequate habitat in which to thrive.
@KezyGLA once I get a new picture I will tag you and some of the people above and let you all debate. haha. I cant wait to analyze a molt, just dont know WHEN that might be.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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