Aphonopelma eutylenum Juvenile Female - 3.5"
Freshly moulted and looking vastly different to what she looked like shortly after her last moult. She is looking far more like the Aphonopelma eutylenum that I found in my search online. Photo of her last September in the comment section.
@Smokehound714 Yes, she is less than 24 hours from moulting in that photo. I was just blown away by how much she has changed in one moult. She is going to be very pretty when she hardens up.
@VanessaS It really is amazing how much one of these American tarantulas can change color. I love it when it happens though because it is a reminder why color can’t be used for identification.
Twice a day I wish I could have an adorable fuzzy T like this. Instead I have a ball of hatred that jumps onto my feeding tongs
@AphonopelmaTX ehhhh that only goes so far, if youve seen all the variations it's alot easier. the only real exceptions ive seen are the dwarves, AND johnnycashi/eutylenum.

iodius and eutylenum can easily be told apart by looking at the legs- eutylenum have coppery fiery hairs on them that just dont photo well, iodius never have that. its more subdued, more pastel-like, also iodius is never ever dirty-blonde, its more similar to chalcodes. both forms can have a black mask which can cause confusion.

when it comes to dwarves, though, you gotta look at minute details, though locality is actually very helpful. (cept for a certain area where icenoglei, prenticei, mojave and joshua are all syntopic.)

I can easily tell apart anax, armada and hentzi, they all look dramatically different to me.
@Ungoliant She is still the little cranky pants she's always been. ;)
I have never seen anything quite like this in my collection. Sure lots of them change colour, but none that drastically at that size. To say I was surprised is an understatement.
both stages are stunning, wow. I should go look at some in the wild here, funny looking at one there in canada, instead... the world we live in...

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