Aphonopelma Chalcodes now? [1/2]
Bought this girl back in 2013 as an Ahnonopelma Sp. Flagstaff orange, since then the genus has been skewed around and I believe the species got rebranded maybe into the Chalcodes? Not sure but this girl is a lot darker then a Chalcodes and has orange legs rather then blonde
Looks like an A. chalcodes to me but I'm not the best on ID for this genus since it's a massive one. @AphonopelmaTX is more experienced with the Aphonopelma's than I am and most people on this genus.
I have a pic of her from the front but it wouldn’t let me upload with this one where you can really see her orange
'flagstaff orange' was just a bs market name. they're all chalcodes.

the only other iodius group species in AZ is.. iodius in the northwest section in the mojave biome

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