Any idea?!
Wife brought home tarantula from small pet shop. She doesn’t know what it is called. Any ideas?
This forum is awesome. Thanks for the quick responses. Stunning specimen. I will definitely fill up the tank with substrate and let them burrow in.

This is my adult female who made the entrance to her burrow two inches past this hide. However, she likes to stay in sight just like you here there. She rarely goes in here burrow even when I open the enclosure and do maintenance but the few times, she feels uncomfortable, she will go in there.

This is the male who made a deep burrow under one of those big leaves. He stays deep inside almost all day. He comes at late at night to wreak his water dish and will stay at the entrance and watch me clean it 3 to 4 times a week. Other than that, I don’t see him much.

@MurrayTheMailman I just love to talk about my spiders. I have been in the closet about my inverts since I was about 21 and very few people knew about my spiders.

About a year ago, I decided that I would let my family and friends (excluding my mom and brother who had to deal with my catching inverts since age 4) know that I am a tarantula hobbyist and they didn’t have to understand it but they had to respect it. LOL :embarrassed:
@Drea Haha. I know what you mean when everyone is talking about their puppies and kittens and you start showing off pics of your Ts hahaha
Looks like A.Seemani I have one that's about 4" the brown variant. They're super awesome T's tho mines just a stress ball.

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