Any idea what species this is?

Any idea what species this is?

Im having mixed thoughts about this tarantula. I was told it was a flame leg but ive seen pictures of other so let me know thanks.
well most that go by common names can easily be confused.
Iv never heard of a flame leg, but I have heard of a flame knee..

Brachypelma Auratum = Mexican Flame knee
Brachypelma Boehmei = Mexican Fire leg
Brachypelma Smithi = Mexican Red knee
Brachypelma Emilia = Mexican Red leg

you see how it can be quite confusing for some. lol I stick with scientific names so I dont have this problem. IF you ever get a T from a pet store ask for the Scientific Name, Dont worry about the Common Name because 99.9% of the time pet store dont have the correct common name.. And most of the time they are incorrect on the sex of the species... so its a very good thing to know how to sex a T ventrally and as well by a molt

But the T that you have in that picture is a Brachypelma Boehmei. I have about 12 of them:D

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