Any Guesses, Marked Balize Black By Previous Owner

Any Guesses, Marked Balize Black By Previous Owner

Unknown T
Yeah I was leaning toward Pulchra too but the brown on the
carapace was making me question it. And he definitely wrote Balize Black.
AgentD006las said:
Could it be a Brachybelma schroederi? I seen one in this thread.
Good call, I see some definite similarities. There are more pics here that look very similar.
The other thing that seems unusual about tis T is the size of her abdomen, juveniles don't seem to hold as much weight as she is carrying. I could be wrong but she seems to be at her adult size approx 5".

Everyone that has seen this T in person doesn't see a Pulchra either, and most of them are very experienced.

Thank you!!!
It can be Crassicrus lamanai, I know mine looks like this for the first couple months after a molt.

I have sent the picture to an expert and he says it is brachypelma. He
thinks it may be an unidentified species from Belize. I will update if and when I find out
for sure.

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