Another California Tarantula

Another California Tarantula

This one is about 4.5" and has golden legs and carapace with lots of red hairs on its hind end and legs. Also i found this one in the same lot where construction was about to take place.
If you know the exact collection locale, then get a copy of Smith 1994 'Tarantulas of the USA and Mexico' and look up what species are described new there. Just because its light colour doesnt make it Aphonopelma chalcodes, several other species are same colour, and you can currently choose among 17 named species from california, none of them being A.chalcodes
If collected from coastal california, it's likely eutylenum. if from norcal around san fran, it's probably smithi.

Chalcodes only exists in a small population near the mexico/ca/az border in california

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