Also saw him on a hike.

Also saw him on a hike.

what kind of T is he. I see him on my hikes.
He's definitely an Aphonopelma species, but many US members of this species look very similar and are difficult to identify just from a photo. It would be helpful to know where your hikes take place, since this could narrow the T's id to either A. hentzi or A. anax.

This guy i found next to a burrow, i belive there was a female in there he was interested in. he was just on small dirt road. its a hill area with tall grass and bushes. this is in san clemente, im on the edge litterally next to the wilderness.
Given the locale, the dark triangle on the carapace of this one, and the overall black coloration of the other one you photographed, I'd say that both are Aphonopelma eutylenums, or "California Ebony" tarantulas.

i don;t know about your judgement miss pitbulllay i was leaning more towards the aphonopelma iodius. this theory supports the light carapace. it also suits the region

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