Adult Spermatheca v2

Adult Spermatheca v2

More of my subadult/adult spermatheca. This will be the last of the year, as the warm months have thawed off. Enjoy and learn!
Very nice shots and layout man. Great job. I've been thinking of doing some close up shots like these as my bigger Ts molt and put them in the right molt sexing section with the species they belong to.
@EulersK Well at least you know they are looking at the right parts. :rofl:

I will often google a species to see the shape for a species when I'm sexing a small sling of a species I'm not as familiar with. It help me pick out the fainter shapes when they haven't darkened yet.
@Trenor That's actually exactly what I had to do with the M. robustum above. This specimen has been labeled male for almost two years now. This most recent time, I thought I saw something so I looked up the shape of the spermatheca. Very subtle in smaller specimens, I'm not surprised I missed it.
@EulersK I know especially if they are really small. Sometimes I'll cheat a bit and blow the contrast up on the photo and just look in the dark pattern for the right shape. If I see it I'll ease back and verify. I really wish there was a good way to do staining on these parts like you can do with some slides but I've not heard of anything that works.
@Trenor Yeah, I haven't heard anything either. I'm sure that whatever would stain the spermatheca would also stain the surrounding area. Perhaps @boina knows of something?

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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