About 1/4 CM Brown Widow

About 1/4 CM Brown Widow

@Alanthea i think it has an orange hour glass like shape underneath but I didn't mess with it to check, maybe when I get home...... :eek: lol, I will update in a few hours
@Dawnes1221 understandable, though I have read that they (if it is the brown widow) don't inject nearly as much venom as a black widow, and the bites rarely cause any big reaction at all (other than itching and redness and unless allergic ofc ;)) .. I'd love to see some more of them if you feel brave :snaphappy::watchingyou::happy:

here is the best I could get, it is very tiny, it's abdomen is about the size of the circumference of a grain of rice, or smaller. It is possible that it doesn't have the hour glass yet, since it is so young, but I do believe there is some orange on its abdomen. Also, I am colorblind, so also am not sure if it is red or brown. I live in a part of Texas where Widows are very densely populated. This is one of the smaller ones I have found around my home, I will share as I come across more. :) ☺
Update, after I had the short and pretty unremarkable photoshoot with little miss widow, I checked around my house to see if I could find a better specimen and here is what I found!

This one was about the body size or a petite sweet pea. I could only get its top photographed, but it lived in my window sill right now (after I already killed one that was living there a while back,) so I will keep an eye on her the next week to see if a better photo op will present itself!
@Dawnes1221 Nice, that's a pretty picture of the pattern on the back :) The first one is sooo tiny xD I couldn't tell either to be honest but thank you for sharing the pictures :D
Anytime, more to come as I come across them! It's turning to winter so I think but not sure if they will try to come in my home for the warmth. So far I have two I am keeping an eye one, the one living in my window sill as pictured above, and I recently just found some web under a dresser but haven't had the time to fully investigate. But I am sure there is a least one there underneath it because, there was no web a couple months ago and my puppy's toy rolled under the dresser and I cautiously retrieved it with a flashlight and that's when I saw what looked to be a spider and webbing. Even though not even two months ago I had wiped down and vaccummed every surface and crack in my room, looks like someone moved in since then :anxious: pictures and details about that to come, should be able to check it out this week! ☺

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