A. versicolor

A. versicolor

  • Dom
I believe this is a female but would like other opinions.
Thanks in advance.
Your picture is very dark, and if it is female, there is not enough contrast to show anything to indicate that - at least not clearly. I THINK I might be able to see something, but it's really hard to say if its a uterus externus or a wrinkle considering the lack of contrast.
Unfortunately it seems to be just a wrinkle. I was hoping this one would be a female since I'm convinced my other one is a male. This one looks more female than my other one but I'm not seeing any seminal receptacle or spermatheceae. I'm pretty confident sexing my grammies and brachy's now but I've read that A. versi can be tricky.
Thanks for your help Katy_green.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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