A. versicolor

A. versicolor

Here's a pic of our A.versicolor out and about yesterday. I might have encouraged her to come out so I could take a picture >.> I love how they look in natural lighting.
Thank you. ^.^ I really like it against the leaves. I dunno but it feels like it brings more to the photo and helps really show off it's colors. It was not happy with me though. It sealed itself in it's hide today after I encouraged it to come out for some photos yesterday >.> I feel like a mean mama now XD
Hah, I know the feels. I have to clean my baby GBB's cage, its so full of poop and who knows what else, but I don't want to because she's worked for like 6 months on her webbing and it will be a whole new world for her
lol! I've been worried about ours webbing to much cause I see so many videos of peoples A. versicolors with some serious webbing going on. But she hasn't done more then this:

So cleaning her enclosure and such has been pretty easy so far. I only worry about the poop on the glass, I have springtails and isopods to deal with the bolus and such. I'm hoping it'll molt again soon so I can try and maybe get a look and see what gender it is. Latest pic's I posted up have learned more toward male now.
Gorgeous spider and great capture among the leaves! :)
Thanks. She wasn't to happy with me encouraging her out of her hide when I did it. She's still got herself sealed off today. >.> Course then again she could be in premolt now. Not sure.

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