A Tarantula with No Name...

A Tarantula with No Name...

As far as I know, these have absolutely no name whatsoever. They are only found in the northern mountainous region of Luzon, PH and I'm currently trying to have viable eggsacs with a few friends as an experiment to bring them into the hobby. My best guess is that they are in the Selenocosmia genus.
Bringing any un-described or unknown species into a hobby is very dangerous as it can lead to mis-identification and hybrids into the hobby. No offense, but the Philippines has the highest number of hybrids in the tarantula hobby in comparison to other countries with the tarantula hobby. So it's better to not make the numbers of hybrids or mislabeled tarantulas go up. Nice pictures though.
@Liquifin First off, you make it sound like all of us are irresponsible hybrid makers. I know some hard-headed thick people that are these, but these guys are always shamed on whenever found out and lose absolutely all credibility in their sales. Second, is this not par for the course for hobbies that have a rather new life, when people mix things when they shouldn't have? Being a third-world country with limited knowledge of our own surrounding and such. Eggsacs won't be sold immediately, as much as possible we would like to have several generations kept in captivity to get them more ready for the home life without mites or predators.
PS: Of course we cannot divulge the location of where we find these as to not jeopardize the wild population. The aim is to collect enough to start a colony of captive bred ones so that continued wild harvesting is no longer necessary.

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