A seemanni?
Sold as an A seemanni. She was more of a brownish color when I got her, but since then she's molted once and appears very dark with a blue tinge. Could she be a blue form?
This I believe is Homoeomma Sp. Peru blue. I have two of these and the pics of this species match your picture.
@Roboto22 Disagree, those species have distinct mirror patches which this T. doesn't have. What's the size?? Looks like an A. seemanni or A. sp. Guatemala. People get those two confuse since the leg markings are very similar especially when smaller. A. seemanni have thin leg stripes like the A. sp. Gueatemala when smaller but gets thicker as it grows, which the A. sp. Guatemala will continue to have thin leg stripes. Blue color is dependent on care and most A. seemanni tends to show blue in captivity after molts, but some say it was used to describe the A. sp. Guatemala.
@Liquifin She's roughly 3 inches and her last molt was in june. Also, she's not confirmed female. I wasn't able to get a concrete answer when I sexed her.
I'm no expert just saying what I thought it could be judging by what mine look like and on the fact that ive never seen a blue seemani. Interesting info. I wanted a blue striped knee tarantula and Homoeomma Sp. Blue Peru was the only blue striped knee pattern t I could find. Nice to know there are other ones like it!
@Roboto22 Most tend to be black looking, but A. seemanni can vary on their blue with some being more blue than others. My A. seemanni has a little blue on the carapace, chelicerae, and legs but it's not as noticeable as some others. I'm not saying that all of the A. seemanni will have blue or have a lot of it, but rather it's dependent on the specimen and care in captivity.


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