Rescued from Petco, labeled as A. seemanni. Can anyone confirm?
@T fan Thanks, it's nice to have a proper opinion. This guy was in pretty bad shape and it just didn't quite seem like the A. seemanni that are pictured on the internet.
@Orexis Blue I got mine from PetSupermarket and appeared to be in the same relative shape as yours. Keep the water dish full at all times and when she acclimates to her new enclosure, get some food in her and she should make a come back.

Pic of the gal: https://postimg.cc/YvBCrNrV
@Orexis Blue how does your’s walk, is it slow and steady or it looks like it is looking to fall apart? Sometimes chain pet stores keep them dehydrated by putting a sponge in their water dish and causes some fatal problems, walking in a weird way is a symptom of that
@T fan It's actually very skittish. At first it was walking very weird, almost like it was drunk. I've had it for a week, and it is walking normally now. When I opened the cage to feed it, it kind of freaked out and bolted across the cage to it's hide. Seems to be moving much more naturally now.
@Orexis Blue it sounds like the tarantula is really stressed out and WAS really dehydrated. I suggest putting the enclosure in a dark and quiet place since tarantula love being dark and quiet. Even though it is walking normally now, I suggest making the enclosure extra moist for a week and make sure it has enough water in its water dish at all time. Better safe that sorry

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