A.Seemanni - Ventral Sexing please? Any clues?
Any idea's what sex this is? Its a A. Seemanni - I beet told it looks like a female but he said it was poor judgement.
No hooks or sexpalps, if its male I'll find out by next molt, but I kinda think it may be female, I just need a little help on judging just a random guess if possible.
Females of this species develop a very prominent 'moustache' of hairs above the furrow. However, males can look very similar at the smaller sizes. I want to say female, but I am not sure. I'm definitely leaning towards female.
This is my 4" female for comparison.
Yeah, I'd of said female also, I think your guess is quite an accurate one, but the molt will seal the deal.

By the way, thank you for helping me with this I appreciate it.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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