A. Seemani
@Arachnophoric that’s what I’m thinking as well, but the slit just isn’t pronounced as I thought it would be. Unfortunately, I think this T has entered its final in-star, and I won’t be getting more molts.
@ThatSpooderGuy555 Female Ts don't have a "final" instar. They molt for the entirety of their lifespan.

Technically speaking, even males don't. If they live long enough after maturing, some will try to molt again - unfortunately after maturing they usually don't have enough strength to push through the molt/get stuck and die as a result. I think there's only been one instance of a male surviving thanks to his owner's intervention, and I don't think he made it out of the molt without losing some legs and died not long after.
@Arachnophoric I agree! I actually just got a shipment in this morning of two A. Chalcodes, and a G. Quirogai. The G. Q. Looks wonderful. Unfortunately we had a DOA of a Hati Hati, but we are working through it.
@ThatSpooderGuy555 All of those are awesome species. Too bad on the hati-hati, aesthetically speaking they're one of my favorite Cyriopagopus. :(

Careful jumping in on the deep end too fast - assuming you're a newer keeper (apologies if that assumption is wrong), those old worlds are very differently behaved and much testier than your new world species.
@Arachnophoric I’ve been keeping for nearly fifteen years, but honestly I didn’t start doing serious research into the hobby until about three years ago. I love my old worlds though! The most testy I’ve got so far, is my P. Muticus. Strangely enough though, my B. Abipilosum is equally as aggressive. I’ve never had a T kick hairs at me until I picked up my Curly. It’s quite interesting.

I also have two P. Metallica. Those two were my “in too deep” purchases lol, because I genuinely had no idea how to keep old world arboreal sp. when I picked them up. But they are happy, very strong eaters, and one of them is finally coming into color!

And please don’t think you’ve offended me, I’m notorious for asking silly questions, just for clarification purposes. Sadly the internet is a wonderful place to find contradictions that can throw someone off!

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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