A. Metallica (Orion) 2nd Molt [1/2]
More close up and more light. Is this female or male?
@Stara Poecilotheria have rather small spermathecae, but at that size spermathecae will be visible. And I do believe I see them in the molt. There's that spot between the upper bookslungs where it looks like something is forming - it should be a little flap that if you take something like a pin or sewing needle, you can wiggle it back and forth. That would be the uterus externus and forming spermathecae. A male will not have that and be smooth between the booklungs with a more transparent spot where the epiandrous fusillae will be.
There goes my moment, AGAIN. :grumpy:

Edit: I was wondering what those bumps were...I thought it was a 1” so I was thinking female but when they said 4” I just said male as I am used to larger spermathacae.
Wait a moment, I'm a moron, that says A. metallica, as in Avicularia.

Here's the spermathecae of a 4.5" female A. metallica.
@MrGhostMantis omg, if you’re right it would be my first female pet anything haha, my house is full of males.
I have another photo posted in media maybe you could check it out to try to confirm? I thought I saw a squiggle in the line but I don’t want to wreck the molt by trying to find a sack.
You can easily try the method I described to see if there's anything flap-like without wrecking the molt. Just gently take the tip of any pointed instrument to see if there's something there you can manipulate/move.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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