A. huriana?

A. huriana?

i bought this lil fella from someone that called it a Wooly Pinktoe. hes bout 3" & has "fiber optic" hairs all over him, not as poofy as an A. avic i dont think, & hes quicker than my old a. metallica. any insight?
hmm... to be honest it looks like a metallica to me... no red abdomen hair; and if im not mistaken metallicas don't have red abdomen hair. "wooly pink toe" commonly refers to another species of pinktoe known as Avicularia urticans.... you may want to look into that species.
That looks like my female Avic Geroldi. If it was a normal avic. avic. it would have more orange/red setae. especially on the abdomen. Im 70% sure its a geroldi. Yet Avics are toughy's
I agree with bliss. That looks like a A. metallica. The white tips on the hairs is a pretty good indication.
Not a gerodli, huriana or urticans 100%. Looks like metallica to me.... Shot without flash would be much better ;)

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