A. Geniculata
Sorry about my water stained tank, would anyone like to help me out with a m/f sexing. (s)he's about 2-3 inches.
I'm not seeing the dark patch of epiandrous fusillae that I see on my male, but it's possible that the water stains are obscuring it.

the dark square patch on my molt-confirmed male:
My male is maybe pushing 2" and also has obvious epiandrous fusillae that i'm not seeing on your specimen. Bearing in mind that the water stains make the view unclear, it looks like your T is female.
(s)he always seems to chill on the sides that I spray ha! Thanks for your comments. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a dark square patch, or maybe I'll be able to grab a molt...... Shes only had one with me and I wasn't quick enough!
@Misschuffa question, why do you spray your enclosure? Are you misting it? If so, you're far better off keeping the substrate moist by dumping water directly into the substrate - misting only temporarily boosts moisture levels until it evaporates and can cause humid, stuffy conditions that can be detrimental to your T.

A shot in the dark since I can't see the whole enclosure, but if she's hanging out on the sides of the enclosure where you've sprayed your substrate may be too dry.
To be fair, sometimes they do this even when the substrate is fine. My boy likes to hang out by his water dish even when the substrate has a nice damp area for him.

Still, no need to spray. Just keep the dish full and drip some water onto part of the substrate to keep it from being bone-dry.
@Arachnophoric yep misting(that's what the exotics shop told me to do) , I do dampen the substrate aswell and it's pretty well vented. She doesn't spend all her time on the sides but when she does it's usually the back one! She's in a large faunarium.
@Misschuffa i'm starting to get the impression that misting is a hold over from the reptile hobby - there the practice actually has a purpose, but unless you have an Avicularia that probably never leaves its webbing to drink, misting is completely unnecessary for your T.

A large faunarium sounds like complete overkill for your 2-3" sling and may even be potentially hazardous to your T. If you've been getting your care information mostly from the exotics shop you mentioned, you may want to post up a picture or two of your enclosure for feedback on whether or not it's okay or needs some changes. Pet stores are notorious for giving wrong info on tarantula care, even the ones that seem to specialize with exotic animals.
@Arachnophoric ah OK, don't get me wrong I'm not stood over her with the misting sprayer, ha. Maybe I'll try not misting and see how she gets on. Ignore me she's in a medium sized one, 13x7x7 inches. And she seems pretty happy in there.

She's got a it 1.5/ 2 inches of sub, a hide, water dish, some pretend foliage and a wicker ball!

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